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  • Posted On: Apr 06, 2018
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  • Description: Since 2014, KTNG.Org (501(c)3) has worked with urban communities in the Compton, California area, with Comtpon YouthBuild and The Latino Chamber of Commerce of Compton to help "at risk youth" with language therapy, interpersonal skill improvement, leadership, confidence and the ability to effectively communicate their stories to audiences, world-wide, through KTNG 860AM - internet media. To do so, the elective apprenticeship in the Media Arts is offered. Reactive to the Media Arts electives taught at the Compton Youth Build, have garnered a 98% graduation rate from course materials and hands-on training. With a successful track record of community service, we look forward to expanding our network services for the communities in Colorado Springs.
  • Location: Colorado Springs, CO, USA

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