• My parents support group My Time In is having our 10th annual parents walk a thon on June 9th. I'm participating and I'm asking for my people to sponsor me and donate to the walk. You can inbox me if you would like to support me and our walk....  more
  • Hall Of Hero's and Shero's
    This is next weekend I need to be here.
    New York Expo Event for People with Disabilities
  • When I started my business I wanted to do something to bring awareness to not only my children's diagnoses but to differently able people in general. At first I designed 2 pair of sneakers the Spectrum and Dandy Walker. Later I started a brand...  more
  • So I'm a father of 2 beautiful son's. Zacharia is 13 and is on the spectrum of autism and Aaron was born with Dandy Walker Malformation and he is 10. Zach is Zach-functioning lol (high functioning) he reads, writes, does math he's just...  more
  • I wrote this poem a while back.
    The Special Needs Dad
    Compassion, some lack it be it old or young, the looks & whispers during a meltdown doesn't help none
    It sucks as a father to be the cornerstone of the family, but just talking about...  more
  • Lennell Key
    15 Fun Outdoor Activities for Children with Autism | Therapy Sou
  • Lennell Key
    21 Sensory Activities For Kids With Autism - TGIF - This Grandma
  • Lennell Key
  • Lennell Key
    Toys & Games
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