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  • Phoenix Rising

    Posted by Jordan Williams Jun 11 107 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #Phoenix Rising  #short story 
    The wooden match flares to life between my fingers. The smell of sulfur and gasoline mingle like secret lovers as a golden flame dances before my eyes, eager to fulfill a silent promise.Set me free and it will burn. It will all burn.The decision is a difficult one, to be honest.I care about them.In my own way.It would be a shame if they suffered.It’s a difficult decision to be sure but there’s no point in agonizing over the inevitable.Flickering as it falls, there’s a moment where I’m certain the match has gone out before hitting the trail of petrol.I’m almost relieved.Then a blue hot demon races across the lawn, up the porch, and into the old Victorian home. Flames bloom in the windows, spreading through the house faster than I could have ever imagined.The fumes will have lulled them to sleep and the smoke will ensure they never feel the heat of the fire as it consumes them.It’s important they do not suffer.A small mercy.One never bestowed on me.I pick at the scab on my arm, one of many small circular wounds seared into my flesh. Each a constant reminder of father’s temper and mother’s indifference.With one final swig from the god-awful thing father loved so much more than his wife or daughter, I turn away from my childhood home and parents that could never love me.Soon enough, it will all be nothing but a pile of ash.And I, a phoenix rising.