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"Before My Eyes" - Follow: @mdsent, @krystalmichele, @iambundleking

Posted by el bull
Writer, Director, Producer: Gin X

Instagram: @ginx.sandy

"A Single Rose Can Your Garden, A Single Friend Your World"

The story reflects on a girl "Stephanie Wilcox" and a guy "Lindsey George" a.k.a. "Yank" , who met at the age of seven years old. They come from different lives but they are one in the same. They instantly became best friends. As the years pass they remain best friends, but when tragedy hits him at 16 years old, and his father gets murdered. Lindsey lashes out and channel's his anger to the streets. Lindsey then decides with friends to rob a bank. Stephanie does not like the path Yank is on and their friendship becomes strained and eventually broken. Before things get better they get worse for Lindsey and he gets sent to prison. Eight years later, he gets out when little to his surprise his counselor happens to be Stephanie. These two try to start a new friendship, while the past still tries to separate them.
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