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  • Created By: Osubudo Akala Ipapo
  • Posted: Aug 29, 2017
  • Last Updated: Aug 29, 2017
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  • Category: Dating & Relationships
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    Melanated Relationship Council was formed specifically for Melanated singles desiring pre-qualified, certified mates that are marriage minded.

    INTRODUCING the new MELANATED RELATIONSHIP COUNCIL, a team of relationship coaches, marriage Counselors and married couples nationwide that help kick start

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  • natalie roque
    natalie roque   ·  March 28, 2018
    @Ronnie Brooks yeah i
  • Ronnie  Brooks
    Ronnie Brooks   ·  March 28, 2018
    ah....i see youve found the swirlers lol
  • natalie roque
    natalie roque   ·  March 28, 2018
    its not easy in texas...or anywhere i imagine but here there's this trend of bw with wm and i REFUSE!!...or of course bm with ww...its crazy
  • Omar Smith
    Omar Smith   ·  March 27, 2018
    Hard to find in OK & a move to HI is coming.
  • David B King
    David B King   ·  October 17, 2017
    Not afraid to admit that I need a Woman, these days, but I was once young & stupid & sleepwalking as well......
  • Eric Proctor
    Eric Proctor   ·  October 16, 2017
    I'm 49 years young and over the years I've made some mistakes concerning relationships. I used to believe that I didn't need a woman in my life, I was sleep walking. Through experiences I've awakened to the truth that a man should have a woman in his...  more

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