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  • CoCo SipsTea
    Love your hair and it's history 😍❤👌
    Mateo Lopes(@childofdiaspora) on TikTok: #africanbeauty #ancestors #blackisbeautifiul
  • CoCo SipsTea
    Know your history
    Rooted :: Futures(@rooted_futures) on TikTok: #african #ancestors #blacktok
  • Tarak Uday
    Thought is the cause of all of life. You are a divine being thus the creator of your own reality. Strengthen your will power in order to impose your creations upon the universe... all of which is at your command if you choose to take up your...  more
  • Crone Goddess   Queen Amina
    I'm try to sleep before I hurt somebody frfr. Don't play with a nice person like me. You have know idea what I'm capable of. Death is not a death fear is. #Ancestors
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    • Crone Goddess   Queen Amina
      EyE 4EyE Interesting Indeed
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  • Le Mac
    Honoring those that made it possible for this day to be celebrated...

    #Ancestors #Slaves #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #Juneteenth #OurBlackness #OurPower
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