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    Well I have almost doubled my last personal record of 6 days. Today marks day 11 of my juice fast. And my third consecutive detox. Each lasted three days. One day off after each. I began with my digestive system then moved on to my lymphatic system and...  more
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      T. White Jr. LOVE this! I'm all about juicing and occasional fasting. You've got some amazing blends here. Your body loves you for this! View 1 Reply
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    Ready! Pose your website here. My hairdresser wants candles from a Black Owned vendor.
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    • Bernadine Kirkland
      Bernadine Kirkland Ready! Pose your website here. My hairdresser wants candles from a Black Owned vendor.
      • March 20, 2021
    Here are eight things to keep in mind if you are the proud owner of a vagina.

    Don't douche.

    Keep the pubes.

    Check your lube ingredients.

    Use body-safe sex toys...

    Practice safer sex. ...

    Pee after sex. ...

    Wear breathable clothing....  more
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    I do not suffer from migraines or headaches this is good to know though.
    Scientists now believe that many headaches and migraines that we suffer may be caused by inflammation in the brain.
    People suffering...  more
  • Al Grant
    #dcag #blackbusinessowner support please!!! Posted • @polaris.products introducing my LAVENDER shea body butter✨🌱💜
    made with pure shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils!!❤️
    All natural & Vegan🌿🌿
    This will also be include with an...  more
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    puSHERO V sipping Fit, Fuel & Focus ☕️....Break an arm, cast goes on while healing. Skin a knee, clean it up and put a bandage 🩹 on it. Cry tears, tissue is used to wipe YOUr face. Every part of the body gets support and sympathy when ill 🤧...  more
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    Water (knowledge) is life!

    #Mind #Body #Soul
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    Dill weed is a unique perennial herb with pleasant anise-like flavor. ... Dill seeds, used as condiment spice, are similar in taste and appearance to "caraway seeds." ... Dill weed is a good source of minerals like copper, potassium, calcium, manganese,...  more
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