• Y'all, as of now FB, IG, and WhatsApp are back up, but fuck them. MP is where it's at
    #MP4Life #BlackExcellence
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    • Josiah Underwood
      Latesa Calloway-Haper Ase ooo
    • Josiah Underwood
      Barbara Hopkins Just paid a year subscription !! View 1 Reply
  • Say idk bout them other places but MP load up just fine 不不不不不不 #MP4LIFE #OHWELL
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    • KING David Fisher II
      Jonathan Lee true indeed brother
    • KING David Fisher II
      Shamika Sledge I just said that! lol
      • Oct 4
  • Isom Harris
    Why I became a paying member:
    I started as a free member poking around on the site, looking for my particular tribe within the tribe. In the process i found out about #MP4LIFE its goal, its aspirations. I wanted to be part of that and a paying
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  • GIA d
    GIA d commented on Chase Ford's photo.
    I personally feel that I agree with Justis on this where I would be delighted to have my significant other doing something he enjoys and that is his version of Self Care! which gives me time to dedicate to myself for the same Self Care time and or...  more
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    • GIA d
      Chase Ford Bruh what you just said is gospel! 遲遲 WELL SAID
    • GIA d
      Merci Merc She probably would want you to purchase these guns for real, instead of simulating. Thats a thought.
    • GIA d
      Chase Ford I can do both. View 1 Reply
    • GIA d
      Chase Ford Oh indeed!!
    • GIA d
      GIA d I personally feel that I agree with Justis on this where I would be delighted to have my significant other doing something he enjoys and that is his version of Self Care! which gives me time to dedicate to myself for the same Self Care time and or...  more
      • Apr 6
  • Jasmine Fire
    I have written white people off on everything they refuse to accept. DONE. I aint explaining nothing.

    But I will always be patient, never attack, educate, share, promote unity on THIS platform. But I am moving forward. You come when you come.
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  • Antonio Williams
    I love Melanated People over ALL others because I believe in the vision and am strongly behind it. Being a part of something that is made to unify and strengthen my people feels amazing! #MP4Life #SocialBenefits
  • CoCo SipsTea


    1. WE ARE FAMILY..love me hate me
    2. WE ARE FAMILY..agree with me disagree with me
    3. WE ARE FAMILY...for me or against me
    4. WE ARE FAMILY...uplift me berate me
    5. WE ARE...  more
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    • CoCo SipsTea
      Tiger Drop Hehe youi and your emoji person
    • CoCo SipsTea
      Zay Fucifino 6. ALL OF THE ABOVE!
  • Ahava 硒蚸眥蚳硌硉
    Hi all! i don't do too well complimenting you all under pressure lol; but i do have love in my heart for you. Specifically, the friends that i interact with the most, it is because i find you interesting, wonderful, and insightful/knowledgeable! Much...  more
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    • Ahava 硒蚸眥蚳硌硉
      Rah-mah Mercy The feeling is mutual, you're Awesome
    • Ahava 硒蚸眥蚳硌硉
      Shalena Robinson Much Love to you! 弘毋毋
    • Ahava 硒蚸眥蚳硌硉
      Ahava 硒蚸眥蚳硌硉 Thank you ladies!
      • September 19, 2020
  • Ahava 硒蚸眥蚳硌硉
    Me and my sisters yesterday
  • TheStabbyUnicorn .
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    • TheStabbyUnicorn .
      Shalena Robinson Snit, I dont even get them notification View 1 Reply
    • TheStabbyUnicorn .
      Rah-mah Mercy I don't get those notifications and they're on my friendlist. Change your settings
    • TheStabbyUnicorn .
      Queen Pin Stop complaining..... you'll be aight View 5 Replies
    • TheStabbyUnicorn .
      Jilly (just Jilly) You must not want to know how the movement is operating. You must not want to know what the CEO got to say about this business. You must not be #1of700. Dont complain. Change your settings. Change your friends list. Or change your mindset. View 1 Reply
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      Tracey Iswoke Lewis Maybe Latrice a fraud View 3 Replies
  • Elizabeth  palmer
  • Jilly (just Jilly)
    Jilly (just Jilly) — with Tiger Drop and 20 othersNyeusi 歹
    GIA d
    Any Means
    Marti Mar
    Rah-mah Mercy
    A.J. Duane
    Cheri Archer
    Merci Merc
    Iya Ifa
    The Eve Gene, She Reigns Supreme
    Osubudo Akala Ipapo, CEO
    Melanated People Support
    Scorpio Vibe
    The GateKeeper
    T.A.Z. ChiefProductOfficer
    El Mayor Pinero
    Shah Saddam
    Velaphi Martin
    Zay Fucifino
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    I'm honor of MP's 4 Year Anniversary, let's discuss...

    What made you become a member of this community?
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    • Jilly (just Jilly)
      Jocelyn Betsey I found out about MP on Facebook. Didn't hesitate to sign up. It was all love from there. I love the family atmosphere and the admins are down to earth. No question for me. I'm rooting for eveything Black!
    • Jilly (just Jilly)
      Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Honestly, i came on here because i was encouraged to by another person. So i joined for all the wrong reasons but i STAYED because i found a commUNITY that does feel like FAMILY and is more than SUPPORTIVE, created FOR US BY US. So i'm now here for all...  more
    • Jilly (just Jilly)
      Nyeusi 歹
    • Jilly (just Jilly)
      Jasmine Fire I felt it was time to put my money where my mouth was. "Why cant we....." My cousin introduced me. I started as a green member. Got on here and realized this was the space me. Upgraded to Black after 2 weeks. I love this space. There's no other like it....  more
    • Jilly (just Jilly)
      The GateKeeper Friend referral and the vision Osubudo has for this...
  • Empress Afrika
  • 蛤 Do you know what Thursday is...
    Its their anniversary. Anniversary. 毋
  • Ladi Nafi Selah
    Grand rising my melanated family! New day! Njoy it. For the record I'm ride or die.

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    • Ladi Nafi Selah
      Any Means Good morning, my sista \uD83D\uDDA4 View 1 Reply
    • Ladi Nafi Selah
      La Reina Cookie Grand Rising Queen Sister\uD83D\uDE0A View 1 Reply
    • Ladi Nafi Selah
      Nyeusi 歹 Grand Rising 儭 View 1 Reply
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