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  • Anthony  Brown
    I just did this series...RIGHT NOW !!! ⏰️⏰️⏰️⏰️
    Once I tap in, I never know what's gonna come out....
    Whatchall think about these ?🖼🖼🖼🖼🖼
    Tag someone who you think would love these pieces...
    Or contact me ASAP...  more
  • kyree
    kyree opened a Store:
    A Kyngs Touch
  • Sherlon Yates
    I am hosting a FREE Car Wash Fundraiser on July 9th in order to raise money to provide children and new college students with school supplies to help ease the worries of many of the parents in the city.

    It is said that 1 out of 4.8 Chicago residents...  more
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    • Sherlon Yates
  • TDWB, AlexisW
    Miss Mick's Ta Belle Artiste
  • Anthony  Brown
    When I was younger and in my intellectual Infancy, I had a book list of (50) MUST READ books that were essential for the survival and protection of the BLACK/ African MIND.

    This Beautiful POWERFUL, Brilliant scholar...  more
  • Anthony  Brown
    One of the most Important books I ever read when beginning my journey to consciousness was " Destruction of Black Civilization"...
    I recommend this masterpiece to ANY and ALL melanated beings in America from sound asleep, barely woke to the wide awake...  more
  • Anthony  Brown
    My heart and my feelings run deep for this brotha... In the beginning of conscious journey, he was there like "Robin" Next to DR. KHALLID ABDUL MUHAMMAD Who was the " BATMAN" of the conscious community.
    Everybody had a focus... He was " The Boule'...  more
  • Anthony  Brown
    Since today is the LAST day of the month, Imma go ALL IN... And then make sure I go All OUT !!! (for my sistaz)
    If you don't know this queen, especially if you're under the age 30...
    You aren't woke in any sense of the word...
    She has become quite the...  more
  • Anthony  Brown
    On The last day of women's History month, I thought it only right to show you A sistah in my
    who was A MAJOR INFLUENCE on my growth, development and innerstanding of GLOBAL WHITE SUPREMACY and...  more
  • Tatti _xo345
    Still photo #Art
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    • Tatti _xo345
      Zay Fucifino YES!!!! This is great! View 4 Replies
  • Anthony  Brown
    The mandates and lock downs are ending...
    It's time to barbecue and cook in the park...
    I'm cooking and hooking up some new designs... Tell me what you think about em ... Yay or nah...???
    Ashe, NAMASTE
    TONY B....  more
  • Anthony  Brown
    The one Elder I always wanted to, but never had the pleasure of meeting before his transition... His books... " Afrikan People in World History", "Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust " and " Marcus Garvey and the vision of AFRIKA" gave me a...  more
  • Anthony  Brown
    This is one of my FAVORITE elders still ALIVE...

    When I was a youngin', representing BLACK POWER in the most MILITANT way, DR. KHALLID introduced me to him at the MILLION YOUTH MARCH in Harlem, NY.
    I had read about him, heard some...  more
  • Anthony  Brown
    I gotta show you a painting IN MY COLLECTION of one if the Gentlest, kindest, sweetest YET Intellectually AMAZING sistahs I've ever had the privilege of knowing... DR. Jewel Pookrum
    ( I Spelled it wrong on the painting)...
    She...  more
  • Pamela  Jackson
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