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  • forex king
  • Taye Walton
    What's good Melanated People?

    I am looking to collaborate with other like-minded business owners so we can strategize and create ripples together.

    I have a sweet deal for you. Our business to business network is ready. Tell us about your business for...  more
  • CoCo SipsTea
    Business tips..
    Kiara Gullens(@thekiaramichele) on TikTok: Don’t forget about your EIN! #businesstikok #smallbiztips #accountant #entrepreneur
  • Tinika B Love
    ****TAG A FRIEND****
    Ladies Night Series Episode 1
    • Happy Hour - Chocolate Martinis and Hennesy (straight)
    • Apps - More recapping summer shenanigans
    • Main Course - What it takes to...  more
  • LaQuanza Raymond
    WELL, HELLO OCTOBER! I've been waiting for you! This badass momma is ready kick ass this 4th quarter!💪🏾 2020 has been one for the books and I have TIRELESSLY been working late nights and early mornings, building new fitness programs,...  more
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    • LaQuanza Raymond
      Jilly (just Jilly) That shirt!!!🖤🖤🖤🖤
      • October 1, 2020
  • forex king
    I just started my own fb group for investors and entrepreneurs to grow and share knowledge. Check it out. It's still a work in progress but with time it will grow to be a great outlet. Thank you for your time!...  more
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    • forex king
      Rah-mah Mercy We already have one here:

      • October 21, 2020
  • Quitta Unique
    My daughter came to me yesterday. And said, "Mommy, I need 40 thousand dollars". I chuckled and said, "Girl for what"? She handed me a HANDWRITTEN business proposal. I was shocked. I looked at it and immediately started brainstorming. I have a rough 5k...  more
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    • Quitta Unique
      Nilajah Alonzo Awesome!! What city are you in?? View 1 Reply
  • Doris  Epps
    Sharon Tseung(@sharontseung) on TikTok: Reply to @benjisburneraccount here are 3 ways to make #passiveincome with $0 or low capital! #etsy #entrepreneur #onlinemarketing #blogging #youtube
  • Erica HealthDiva
  • Monika Griffin

    Hear from these Boss ladies stories and how an opportunity to start their home based businesses changed their lives.
    We are looking for other boss ladies that want to join us and start living the life...  more
  • Shinika Wilson
    There is a major shift of wealth happening in this era. So many women are winning, owning their businesses, independently thriving in the corporate world. I am personally selecting a 8 new business minded people wanting to finish 2020 strong.
    For more...  more
  • Mz CoCo
    Shirts available for purchase
    1 for 25
    2 for 40
    Limited Supply of on hand
    But orders can be placed for these & the new merchandise I have put out !!!!!!!
    Thanks for supporting
    Please go to my Facebook page to order :...  more
  • LeRazia  Davis
    So we doing roll call or nah!!
    Raised in MD now in VA i love the DMV... #Mom #entrepreneur of many crafts here are a few!! I've been looking forward to building and gaining new endeavours this year even during this pandemic!! 💖💖 ima mess but idc...  more
  • LeRazia  Davis
    I want to add everybody lol
    Lei from Maryland residing in VA
  • Lammar  Fyre
    My bras were always too tight!

    The other day I found myself putting on my sports bra to get ready for my morning walk and after I put it on I realize it was sooo uncomfortable! as a matter of fact it was always uncomfortable!

    I asked myself,...  more