• Monika Griffin
    [When Clients Hit You Up To Tell You The Good News!!!]

    Client Says,

    Congrats to me. Never thought I would ever be approved for an American Express card much less an American Express Corporate card with an unlimited credit limit.

    #trusttheprocess...  more
  • Monika Griffin
    It’s Suppppper Saturday! No one has it all figured out as they maneuver throughout entrepreneurship. In fact, big time business failed many times before finding out what worked best for them. Be willing to learn as you go!!! Let’s Go!! Lock...  more
  • Monika Griffin
    Trust me on this, I know this sucks. We are credit card issuer closes your account especially when there’s a balance still owed, it can cause your credit score to plummet. It can also be a huge ego blow. It’s a tough pry pill to swallow....  more
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