•  Chase Ford
  • Eating. Breathing. Sleeping. Social media. Making posts, "going live" and scrolling has become just as natural as waking up to many people. People live on #TikTok #facebook #melanatedpeopledotnet #instagram and have become enthralled with...  more
  • Dr. Nikia Edwards
    Came through with the faith of the ancestors, the wisdom of the elders, the vigor of the youth, and the power of the village🖤

    MODEL: Nikia "Dr. Kiki" Edwards IG @as_isee_me
    ❤️FASHION SHOW: Urban Safari Hair & Fashion Show
    🧡VISIONARY:...  more
  • Antelle Westbrooks
    He'll turn your old shoes into a one of a kind*

    Check out @shoesbynatural on #Instagram #blackownbusiness
    @shoesbynatural @rickandmorty... - Leondrus Gkdnatural Knighten | Facebook
  • Antelle Westbrooks
    Custom made check out @shoesbynatural on #Instagram #blackownbusiness
    @shoesbynatural @rickandmorty... - Leondrus Gkdnatural Knighten | Facebook
  • Beverly Conally
    Here is my update on my weight loss journey and the pics that I promised I would post.

    Starting weight 182.5 lbs
    Current weight 156 lbs
    Goal weight 130 1lbs

    When I first started out, I was working out just...  more
  • Beverly Conally
  • Beverly Conally
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    • Beverly Conally
      Jilly (just Jilly) Have you opened a store yet?
      • August 21, 2020
  • Beverly Conally
  • TNT ToughTonii
  • CallZack Morris
    ...by the way
    If We are leaving #FaceBook that includes #instagram too...

    Its the same company

    That also includes #androids

    The os is google

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    • CallZack Morris
      CallZack Morris We need a operating system of Our own View 1 Reply
    • CallZack Morris
      CallZack Morris But is this platform android or is that just the apk to download the file on an android phone?
      • June 26, 2020
    • CallZack Morris
      Cincere Cipher Im not gonna leave Facebook yet or IG Ima use it to promote MP. But i do feel you fam
    • CallZack Morris
      CallZack Morris I haven’t left yet because I use it for My Business...but... if We can unify & do what it takes to improve here... I’m here all the way
    • CallZack Morris
      Cincere Cipher Exactly brotha we gon build this to a trillion dollar platform
  • DeMargeo White
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