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    Plane Earth Awakening Public Group | Facebook
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    The officer that was indicted, wasn't indicted for the bullets that went into Breonna, he was indicted for the 2 that missed...Let that sink in...
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    The first man i thought should have loved me properly, didn't.
    Which made me feel like i wasn't worth loving.. so when men would treat me wrong or just abandon what we were building, my thought process was " well my daddy didn't stick around "
    I had
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    “Karen’s Of The World”
    “Karen’s Of The World”
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    #Count #your # blessings. “
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    Mask available as well as other products. Feel free to check them out.. https://iinfinitedreams.square.site/
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    Wonder Woman was Black 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

    Her Mother Was Whom...

    Queen of Where...

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    Justice For Breonna Taylor
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    The Ethiopians trained and went to war with Lions.. Royalty recognizes Royalty🖤✊🏿
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    We (Blacks) must become one mind and one blow towards the oppressive hands against Us and not each other!
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    Say their names