Complete Flashback Sissoko SBC in FIFA 24: Costs & Tips

EA Sports has released the Flashback Moussa Sissoko Squad Building Challenge in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team. This special Sissoko card pays homage to his FIFA 19 Team of the Season performance. Players need to complete four squads with specific requirements, earning various packs upon completion


EA Sports has infused FC 24 Ultimate Team with fresh content, aligning with the ongoing Team of the Season (TOTS) promotion. Currently, the spotlight shines on the Ligue 1 and D1 Arkema TOTS teams, which players can find in packs.

In addition to this, the game mode is bustling with various Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), Evolutions, and Objectives. Among these, the Flashback Moussa Sissoko SBC stands out and is ready for players to tackle.

Ultimate Team enthusiasts now have the chance to earn themselves a Flashback version of Moussa Sissoko. This special card pays homage to his FIFA 19 Team of the Season performance, reflecting on his time with Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League.

Sissoko's Flashback Card Overview

The latest Flashback version of Sissoko is quite impressive, boasting stats such as 87 for pace, 82 for shooting, 88 for passing, 91 for dribbling, 91 for defending, and a remarkable 94 for physicality.

Ideal for the CM/CDM role, Sissoko is enhanced with three distinct PlayStyles+: Bruiser, Slide Tackle, and Intercept, making him a formidable presence on the pitch.

SBC Requirements and Rewards - First Squad

To successfully complete the Flashback Sissoko Squad Building Challenge, you will need to adhere to the following criteria for your squad:

  • Ensure that at least one player from France is included in your starting lineup.
  • The overall team rating must be a minimum of 85.

Unlocking the Flashback Sissoko Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in FIFA 24 rewards players with a Mixed Players Pack.

SBC Requirements and Rewards - Second Squad

To successfully complete the Flashback Sissoko Squad Building Challenge, players must meet the following criteria in their submitted squad:

  • Include at least one Team of the Season (TOTS) or Team of the Week (TOTW) player within the starting lineup.
  • Ensure the team's overall rating reaches a minimum of 87.

Prize for Completion:

  • One Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

SBC Requirements and Rewards - Third Squad

For players looking to add Flashback Sissoko to their squad in FIFA Ultimate Team, they will need to assemble a team that meets the following criteria:

  • The team must have a minimum overall rating of 88.

The prize for completing the challenge is a Prime Electrum Players Pack.

SBC Requirements and Rewards - Fourth Squad

To successfully acquire the Flashback Sissoko through the Squad Building Challenge (SBC), participants need to assemble a team with the following specifications:

  • The team must have a minimum overall rating of 89.

To earn the Premium Gold Players Pack, players must complete specific in-game objectives.

Completion Cost and Final Thoughts

Upon successful submission of the required teams, you'll unlock the opportunity to acquire Flashback Moussa Sissoko, the dynamic Nantes midfielder, for your Ultimate Team roster. The estimated cost for completing this Squad Building Challenge hovers around 285,000 coins.

Are you planning to tackle the Flashback Sissoko Squad Building Challenge? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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