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  • Posted On: Jul 04, 2017
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  • Category: Clothing, Footwear & Accessories
  • Description: Jewelry&Butter is the epitome of unique culture and style. I launched Jewelry&Butter in 2017 out of my love for art, culture, design, and fashion. I‘m a self proclaimed Jewelry Maker/Designer with an edge and flare unlike any other. With my passion and creativity, I’m able to create something timeless and exclusive for all of my clients. Jewelry and Butter's pieces are all made with raw natural, and hypo allergic materials. I pride myself on capturing the essence of my client and making all my pieces with love and good vibrations, and positive energy. Jewelry & Butter's custom jewelry is perfect for those who love the RBG Flag (UNIA Flag) Pan-African, Black Nationalist, those who love nature, crystals, peace and positive vibrations,spiritualist and all those craving something unique Jewelry and Butter is the place for you.

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