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  • Dee Cephas
    Black Owned And Operated
  • André D.  Henderson, Sr.
    How can you know your paying the lowest electricity rate available to you... If you don’t call?! ☎️

    Have a copy of your current electric bill 🧾 when you call 1 (800) 359-0131 and in less than 10 minutes you could find out you can be saving...  more
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    • André D.  Henderson, Sr.
      D'Shondra Reigns What company are you with/promoting?? View 1 Reply
    • André D.  Henderson, Sr.
      Empress Afrika Hello. Can I set up an appointment with you directly or speak to any representative?
      • Tue at 8:34 AM
    • André D.  Henderson, Sr.
      Empress Afrika André D. Henderson, Sr. Hello. See my question above. Is this offer still good?
      • Tue at 11:01 AM
  • Elton Hall
  • André D.  Henderson, Sr.

    The commodities market is down... Natural Gas is the key fossil fuel used to generate electricity!

    If you are seeking to save money on your Residential Electricity Bill?!, Visit...  more
  • NO' TEP
  • André D.  Henderson, Sr.
    Before Winter temperatures increase the rates for electricity... Now is the time to procure your electricity ⚡️

    As Demand increases, so does rates... Demand always increases when it’s really cold and really hot!
    Who needs legal services and can’t afford high hourly cost attorneys. Or who needs their Will prepared, it’s FREE with your LegalShield membership and can be started right from our app on your smartphone, how convenient!!! Follow me and I will show you...  more
  • Hey, are you needing to find some things to use for your health and wellness journey??? Check out Embrace Pangaea. For Men and Women alike. You won’t be disappointed. Use my link to see how Embrace Pangaea can benefit your health and wellness...  more
  • Ra Amen
  • Rah-mah Mercy
    For those who haven't met me. I'm the co-owner of Our Stop Shop & we equip the Black community with resources and info for economic empowerment. We expose you to tons from coupons, budgeting, credit, real estate, investing, life insurance, budgeting,...  more
  • Karma  Raysor
    We travel anywhere for any event
  • Karma  Raysor
    Hello From NYC
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    • Karma  Raysor
      cal bryant Hey im out here in ohio 💪🏽
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      toni joyner Ga here View 1 Reply
    • Karma  Raysor
      toni joyner Augusta GA View 1 Reply
  • CoCo SipsTea
    CoCo SipsTea: — with Bennu X and 45 othersAdokundy Njie
    ~*GIA*~ d
    Samantha  Gathers
    Brother Shāhbāz
    Empress Onyx
    Terrell Graham
    Aretha  SanKoffe Burns
    Alana Humphrey
    Mawah Yahawadah Yasharahla
    BaddAzz I Wannabe
    Chef Snax
    Abdul Razak Nuhu
    Deborah Sykes
    Angel Brown
    Cedric Nixon
    DeAnna Rodriguez 
    Rah-mah Mercy
    Carlos Cox
    Akonotin Best
    aiden day
    Axii Kuir
    Akosua Gyebi
    Raheim McCants
    emorah bren
    Alicia Oglesby
    Jasmine Earths Extacy
    Empress Afrika
    Alicia MccWills
    call me bigg Daddy
    Honey Hendrixx 
    Crazy Redd
    Nathaniel Threadgill
    Amanda Pelaez
    Ekon  Afrika
    Jonathan Brooks
    Allisyn Hicks
    Alyssa Agee
    Chey McKenzie
    *Melanated Beauty*
    Alexis Ferguson
    Bongo Bluez
    Felix Freddy moses
    Regina Collins
    Bonnie Wright-Ruiz
    Holiday Mystery Box Event .!!!!!! Has officially begun grab one not miss out check out the Melanated Marketplace Cocosheama Store click on the link in the description to get free shipping

    I am posting the access links here for quick...  more
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    • CoCo SipsTea
      Brother Shāhbāz Quick question are you at least breaking even because you do it cheaper for the people. I'm just curious
      • November 27, 2020
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    • CoCo SipsTea
      Brother Shāhbāz Bc I feel if not then we dont deserve your diacounts
      • November 27, 2020
    • CoCo SipsTea
      CoCo SipsTea I am good Brother.....that is why it is only runs for a short period of time and only 3 times for this year since it is the first time doing year maybe only 2 twice 🤔
    • CoCo SipsTea
      Brother Shāhbāz Ok just making sure bc it's not cheap nor easy running your own business. And I'm one that doesn't take freebies nor discounts if one isn't benefiting
  • Scorpio Vibe
    In honor of Black Friday i have slashed my prices by $10 for today only take advantage of this sale cause at midnight all prices go back to normal.
    Come shop with me
  • Jewel Small
    We launched our Black Friday sale, check us out at
    Jujies-An Online Women's Boutique – Jujies
  • Rah-mah Mercy
    Our Black FRIDAY WEEKEND SALE is HERE! A T-Shirt and GET YOUR LIFE! A Virtual Lifestyle Course Masterclass bundle w/ FREE SHIPPING (That's a $30 saving).
    Get this EXCLUSIVE Black Friday weekend deal!

    We can't have those around us not knowing the...  more
  • Majestic  Divine
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    • Majestic  Divine