About Melanated People Social

Mission Statement  

Melanated People Incorporated (Melanated People Inc. (MP)) exists to unite those across the African Diaspora by way of social media. We seek to empower our members collectively by means of reinvestment into our communities: social, economic, and educational systems. We celebrate our members individuality and encourage collective building with our culture and history at the forefront. We welcome all regardless of beliefs, sexuality and social status.   


About Us 

Melanated People Inc. (MP) parent of Melanated People Social Network was created by Lemari Nelson, August of 2016. The birth of this social media platform grew from frustrations of the constant oppression of black voices[1] on mass social media platforms. As our voices got harder to hear, it was clear that the only way to preserve our culture unapologetically and communicate about our emotions/needs was to create a platform that focused primarily on our healing and growth. 

MP’s motive to fight helps our members to no longer stress about vague community guidelines by mass social media platforms. It allows our members to not worry about why positive, uplifting, thought provoking content focused on our culture is “against the rules”.  

In short, the creation of Melanated People Social Network gives our people across the African Diaspora a space to safely:  

Be yourself and express your thoughts 

Share your business and organizations with in-app and website advertising 

Exercise your freedom of expression on social and political issues, in a respectful manner, without censorship 

and much more… 

It is this kind of power that is within our hands and is best maintained by personal investment for protection of its independence. Therefore, Melanated People, Inc. remains a self-funded organization. All supporting members and businesses making ad purchases help to keep the site functional day to day. For that, we say thank you and applaud those that embrace the motto: Our Liberation is Our Business.