• Ascention of the African Mind in America

    Posted Mon at 5:18 AM by NO' TEP

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    I wanna hurt someth'n. I saw the charges for the Breonna Taylor case today. A small feeling I haven't felt since I left the US for Africa almost two years ago flickered within me. It was rage. I work everyday to fight Read More...

  • The Bolstered Blacks

    Posted Sep 27 by Uncle Leon IV

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    Black folks... First, Will & Jada with their entanglement. Now, Torey & Meg with their fiasco. The media seems to be exerting an awful lot of energy to make sure everyone sees the deterioration of the Black family. Read More...


    Posted Sep 23 by Brotha Yahchaced

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    NO ONE  GOING TO SAVE USI'm still baffled how we as a people here in the states continue to vote for individuals that continue to tell us what their plan is for, Not African Americans but for less fortunate, unemplo Read More...

  • FIRE

    Posted Sep 17 by NO' TEP

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    No matter what period of time you're in there's always someone saying 'we're in the age of 'x''. 'X' meaning we're all going to die horribly painful deaths. Every day is 'the last days'. These Debbie Downers rain on ever Read More...

  • Sensual Self-Healing: It All Came Crashing Down

    Posted Sep 9 by Qu33n Victoria

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    I knew my marriage over the evening my partner had come to bed from his shower. The room was dark. Only the light from a nearby street light shined through our bedroom window. As he slid in next to me, he released a de Read More...

  • testing

    Posted Aug 16 by "EL JEFE" II

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  • Lipstick Tube Should Keep Pace With The Times

    Posted Aug 2 by jin yii


      With the development of Lipstick Tube market, the difference between lipstick tubes produced by lipstick tube manufacturers is becoming smaller and smaller. Therefore, increasing efforts on lipstick tube packagin Read More...

  • The Bird App Blexit.

    Posted Jul 24 by Ernest Sandefer

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    Now more than ever is the perfect time for black folks to leave white social media platforms and join places like this, "WeGotUps" and "Black Planet." That's if you actually want to see black people loving one another an Read More...

  • Me & Music.

    Posted Jul 23 by Ernest Sandefer

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    As I'm writing this the smooth sound of Tom Misch's and Yussef Dayes' "I did it for you" is playing in my head over and over again. The type of song I would've made had they not come up with the idea first. Music. Music Read More...


    Posted Jul 21 by NO' TEP

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    Do you know who you are?You're more than just a hu-man. You're more than just an Afri-can. You're more than just mela-nan. You are the original man on the planet. You're eyes were the first to see the sun. Before all o Read More...