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    My brother was telling me the other day that my next paycheck should be a good one because of the overtime I've been doing. I was telling him that if you pay an elephant at the circus for peanuts and then give him a rais Read More...

  • Lineage

    Posted Feb 27 by Menace II Babylon

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      Lineage    Your ancestors roll with you daily.   They have enjoyed every smile, witnessed every frown and experienced every tear drop. They have supported us in every step and essentially mad Read More...

  • Social Distancing

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    The white society has always practice social distancing in the form of systemic oppression and institutional racism. Slavery never ended for black people because we're still being controlled by the same people who en Read More...


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    Whenever I think about some of the more effective revolutionaries or civil rights activists in the day I don't usually speak of Malcolm X. While he was one of my favorites the reality is he and the FOI wasn't a creation Read More...

  • made in senegal

    Posted Feb 23 by Souleymane Sow

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    This page is all about products made in senegal,by senegalese men/women.


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    I was watching the news tonight and saw a few stories that to some were just stories but for me was somewhat of an epiphany. One story was of a Black youth who stole a car and was stopped by the cops. He jumped out of th Read More...


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    I am nothing short of.. fascinated by the relationship white people have with other white people. These mofos universally stay on code. This past week I saw one of my white coworkers disrespecting the white supervisor. T Read More...


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    I'm working a warehouse job with my brother where half the staff are Black folks from Atlanta and half are white folks from Alabama. When I first started we would have conversations about which white folks put on their h Read More...

  • WUPA Community

    Posted Feb 4 by Natasha Ramkhellawan


  • Integrity

    Posted Jan 30 by Menace II Babylon

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    You don't realize how important integrity is... Until you've been around people without it. SHARING IS CARING SHE NEVER LIED THANK YOU SUPPORT THE WORK OF Laini Mataka   THIS IS A WRITE UP FROM Laini Ma Read More...