• Angel  Steed
    I got tired of people stealing my culture so I loc’d my hair so you can’t get inside of it ~ Rage Almighty #donttouchmyhair #imstillcleaningyourancestorsfingerprintsoffofit #ripragealmighty #naturalhair #blackhair #locs #dreads #dreadlocks...  more
  • Kenyatta  Merrick 
    I’m Black and So Proud ✊🏽 #Lovemyculture 🖤 #dreads
  • Sharia Niles
    I have finally released my Loc Life Tee and Earrings set. $35/free Shipping.

    Tee comes in black or white with earrings (border color is your choice: red, yellow or green).

    Ready to purchase on my etsy- LIMITED QUANTITIES...  more
  • Davontai Lee
    Dreadlocks have been discovered on mummies in Peru, dating back to sometime between A.D. 200 and A.D. 800, and Aztec priests dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries traditionally wore their hair in matted locks..

    #dreads #dreadlocks...  more
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    • Davontai Lee
      Chosen Soul-Ra Did you know the original name for dreadlocks were simply "Locs" white people I believed hated the fact that our hair could form, create, and be so beautifully different, that they called them dreadful, and soon the phrase dread-locs came into play.
    • Davontai Lee
      Davontai Lee Yes I knew that @chosenSoul View 1 Reply
  • kammaria Orie
    Natural hair maintenance #dreads #braids
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