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    I know you all like to protest and keyboard advocate but when you start strategizing just consider THIS one. We invest, advocate and back the things we want to see happen in every way.

    Need help understanding what we mean?

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    #Bulu is our newest addition and is available now! We also have this print available in our kid's size mask. Click the link below to get yours before they're gone!


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    #Kijani is another beautiful African print we've recently added! Pictures shown are the full pattern and are the same fabric. Get yours before they're gone! Click the link below


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  • Jetta  Smith
    #Zambarau is a beautiful print and definitely one of my favorites! It's also available in our kid's size mask. Get yours while you can! Click the link below 💜💜


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    Rah-mah Mercy — with kevon Bain and 66 othersEmpress Afrika
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    Discussing how surviving is a slippery slope without strategy.

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    The youngest of us all loves LOVE. Happy Valentine's day from @OurStopShop

    Just a reminder that the 15th of every month is credit letter dispute day. Make sure you're sending the letters to credit bureaus certified mail. Get them derogatory items off...  more
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    HEYYYY YA'LLSo we did a thing and entered to be the next Covergirl of @inkedmag You can cast your vote daily at this link ( https://cover.inkedmag.com/2021/tattedlibrarian )
    Thank you in advance
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