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  • Games & Wild Game Pt. 1

    We have to ask Ourselves, "Why are We not training Our children, at least the basics of gun loading. Magazine Fill-Ups. Break-downs. Europeans actively, weekly teach their kids to shoot. They train on land their Grand Parents left to em. Maybe large parties meet-up to discuss jobs. Jobs to Hunt #Mel...
  • Another False Flag

    In 2015, Vester Lee Flanagan II, aka Bryce Williams appeared to shoot a reporter and cameraman to death on live television? The Gun used then, was the same type of gun the Media alleged Stevie Steve used? Look at it. They said Williams supposedly shot the white news reporter cause she had something ...
  • Easter

    So this is how the Catholic Church celebrates Easter in Italy. A friend of mine is over there and took this pic during their Good Friday parade. No disrespect to those who do but I definitely don't celebrate pagan holidays. Make sure you research the origins of your faith and the holidays you "celeb...
  • Joy Lane And The Ohio Serial Killer:

    The Body Count is 15 in #Ohio#JoyLane is the lady pictured who the Gunman is now known to be the reason behind his ride-a-round and kill-a-person spree. This is messed up. Dude even killed a Senior Black King for no reason other than being mad/upset with #JoyLane
  • Operation Shut Down

    51st and Indiana st. Chicago Il. A Arab Store Owner Beat A Black Man With A Bat