• Where were you at on November 4th 2010? This was pre quarantine pre #Kanye controversy pre #georgefloyd #charlottesville pre #donaldtrump pre #sandraBland pre #breonnataylor pre #massawakening pre everything that is happening now, you must admit that...  more
  • There is no other genre of music were actual #serialkillers are the top artists except for #rapmusic. Recently award winning rapper #Takeoff was slain after gun shots rang out in a #houston bowling alley. This was a tragedy, however, since #Tupac was...  more
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      Semahj El It’s not necessarily the music itself, but the mentality (niggerism) of those that make and produce the music where the destructiveness derives.
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      Christopher Lavender As well as the state of mind that ws has dumbed many if not all of our people to which is basically the game of death not the game of life it’s the total opposite that we call life is really death that we call death is really life watch out for those clones too
  • The Black woman is the jewel of the world. Not only is her physical form the most fawned over, it is also her formlessness that has been admired and inspired internationally. Her ability to fill every void like water. Her becoming the most formally...  more
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      melanin being  It ain’t healthy but has become a necessity! Interesting topic.
  • In a country built on mistruths and murder telling it "like it is" is an act of valor. The truth is shamed and silenced by #factcheckers. The truth is banned and dismissed on mainstream media. The truth is targeted and taunted by those...  more
  • Every week another headline of a mainstream rapper gun down in gang related rivalries. What the hell has hip hop become? An actual blood sport were #billboard artists keep count of kills before they check the mic. Were every #opp is another black man...  more
  • Tomorrow is #September11th. #NeverForget imperial powers tried to usurp this day and make it about terrorism. 9/11 is a very significant day. It is an astrological #newyear and it represents a cosmic shift, going from one world into the next. This is why...  more
  • #Hate is a strong word. However, hate is more than a word, it is an action. The number one killer of Black women between 15-35 are domestic disputes with Black men. Despite pale males being the most convicted rapist when it comes to Black women the...  more
  • #2NITE!!! #BlackAugustATL presents the 2nd annual NAT TURNER POETRY SLAM! This was an awesome experience last year and LITERALLY set #Atlanta on FIRE! This year it will be even more BLAZING!! With great food curated by @ColoredonlyCafe, amazing artists,...  more
  • Black men and Black women are in a cold war with each other. One sex is incentivized to be opposed to the opposite sex. One sex is pushed to progress while the other is pushed to extinction. Black men are encouraged to be underworld bosses because of...  more
  • "...and our flag was still there". These were words written in a song about the Red White and Blue banner of America after a bloody battle. The song then goes on and talks about Black prisoners of war being killed alongside the British...  more
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