• CoCo SipsTea
    Michael Gafkowski(@fadedjedi) on TikTok: #science #education #learning Who knew. #educate
  • DZoe Brown
    EVERY Saturday Morning we have much FUN! We receive INFORMATION that adds VALUE in HELPING people get the job done! It’s Time For YOU to receive ALL you need, want, and desire to ACHIEVE & SUCCEED in life.
    Kings & Queens United Expressing...  more
  • Smokie .
    Be observant... Check your surroundings... People, actions, area, happenings, conversations, entertainment, habits, thoughts... All that!! Check yourself and what goes on around you, its too many things to focus on one thing and be clueless to anything...  more
  • Janie  Hilll
    Ok, LADIES! While the rest of the economy is recovering from Covid, we are up 300% and on track for half a BILLION dollar year!

    If you find yourself needing:

    More friends
    Extra income to support the family
    Extra spending money
    A more flexible...  more
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