• Vernae Rhem
    Building your dream doesn’t have to be difficult.
    Get my FREE Business Checklist ✅📝 today to structure your business!

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  • Monika Griffin
    [When Clients Hit You Up To Tell You The Good News!!!]

    Client Says,

    Congrats to me. Never thought I would ever be approved for an American Express card much less an American Express Corporate card with an unlimited credit limit.

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  • Monika Griffin
    It’s Suppppper Saturday! No one has it all figured out as they maneuver throughout entrepreneurship. In fact, big time business failed many times before finding out what worked best for them. Be willing to learn as you go!!! Let’s Go!! Lock...  more
  • Tes Tay
    🗣 I love telling people about my business because I LOVE helping people win.

    I am so excited to "OFFICIALLY" announce the start of my health and wellness business.📢🎉

    This is not just a new business venture. This is a TOTAL LIFE...  more
  • Monika Griffin
    Trust me on this, I know this sucks. We are credit card issuer closes your account especially when there’s a balance still owed, it can cause your credit score to plummet. It can also be a huge ego blow. It’s a tough pry pill to swallow....  more
  • Tanisha Burke
    Grand Risings Kings & Queens!

    Are you operating with a sense of urgency to go after your dreams?

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  • Monika Griffin
    Wills and Trusts are valuable and necessary planning tools created to protect your family, your legacy, and your assets and to ensure your wishes are carried out after your death.
    Make sure you are protecting your most valuable asset which is you love...  more
  • Tanisha Burke
    TAMPA, FL I will be in your city tomorrow night!

    If you are looking for a legitimate business that will allow you to earn money from home and create financial freedom, time freedom and personal freedom, meet me at the SoulKafe On Saturday at 6:00 pm...  more
  • Monika Griffin

    New Client Testimony!!

    So i started this process back in August as just a customer. I then became an agent after seeing 13 things come off my report after just the 1st round! I'm BEYOND 🙌🏽 excited to report my 2nd...  more
  • Hope Chapman
    🗣I bet if I worked for a big corporation and posted that I was hiring for positions (you'd have to purchase some business attire, find a daycare for your child, commute back and forth everyday, have an hour lunch, limited vacation time, and no real...  more
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    • Hope Chapman
      Rah-mah Mercy Our Stop Shop is compiling a nationwide Black Business directory. Please take the 2 minutes to add any company, organization, product or service that you own or offer to the free Black business directory we're compiling. This is a collaborative...  more
      • September 10, 2020
  • Hope Chapman
    “Getting rich begins with the right mindset, the right words and the right plan.” “Financial struggle is often the direct result of people working all their lives for someone else.” You have to go to work on your dreams or someone...  more
  • Erica HealthDiva
  • Tanisha Burke
    When you have time freedom
    like me and my BFF who took advantage of a $200 business opportunity and was able to resign from our corporate jobs in less than 2 years, life is just 6 Saturdays and a Sunday!

    If you would like to live the 6 Saturdays...  more
  • Monika Griffin

    Hear from these Boss ladies stories and how an opportunity to start their home based businesses changed their lives.
    We are looking for other boss ladies that want to join us and start living the life...  more
  • Cafreda Griffin
    Who else can i teach that is coachable? Started out just 4 of us now we are growing faster than ever and everybody securing bags.
  • DZoe Brown
    Do you need or want some motivation to look at your life and do better? Well THIS is the film for you‼️WATCH & LEARN from The Untold Story of ‘The Banker’. “The true story of two Black entrepreneurs drives “The Banker,” an inspiring story of rising...  more
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    • DZoe Brown
      DZoe Brown Read about true story written by journalists who inform, educate, and empower.
      https://www.washingtoninformer.com/the-banker-offers-inspiring-true-story-with-great-performances/ /> 🏛Learn more ways to enrich your life....  more
      • June 26, 2020
    • DZoe Brown
      Kelley  J. Wilson I keep telling my husband I want to see that movie. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂
      • June 26, 2020
  • Shinika Wilson
    There is a major shift of wealth happening in this era. So many women are winning, owning their businesses, independently thriving in the corporate world. I am personally selecting a 8 new business minded people wanting to finish 2020 strong.
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  • Monika Griffin

    Student Loan Debt is currently $1.7 Trillion
    63 Million people with less than perfect credit
    43 Million with a 599 or less credit score
    56% don’t have $500 in their savings
    46% have less than $10,000 in retirement

    Is...  more
  • Nat Gaiter
    OH, WOW‼️ My company just hit $800 million in Travel sales and paid out over 2.6 million dollar last month in residual income.

    And guess what? We sold $40 million in travel over the last 90 days during the pandemic and I am on a mission to...  more