• Tarak Uday
    Thought is the cause of all of life. You are a divine being thus the creator of your own reality. Strengthen your will power in order to impose your creations upon the universe... all of which is at your command if you choose to take up your...  more
  • Erica Best
  • Queen Arica B
    Big Booty RockšŸ¤£šŸ¤£
  • Erica HealthDiva
    MASK WEARING: It's extremely toxic to breathe in our CO2. It causes lung damage, heart damage and brain damage. Live by #nature. We were not born with our noses covered for a reason. CO2 poisoning has symptoms of dizziness, panic attacks, and...  more
  • Sangoma Key
    TodaysTea: Knowledge. To know, listen and observe.

    Knowledges the basis of all things, as the sun is the foundation to our universe, and man is the foundation for his family.

    #Polyphenols #Tea #Nature #Herbs #Natural #Mother #CarbonCreatures #Spirit...  more
  • Sangoma Key
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