• Morning World, So all I’ve seen up and down my timeline is a bunch of disagreements on the very issues that plague our communities and people and I’ll just say this it doesn’t deserve the energy we’re giving it!! Of course...  more
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      Jason Daye Real talk my brother
  • Morning World! It’s ok to chase your dream to success, it’s only when you stop running that it becomes a problem. #Dreams #Justice #Peace #Equality #Love #StaySafe #StayHealthy #StayStrong #OneLife #OneLove
  • Morning World! You don't or didn't have to be the "smartest in class" to be the "brightest in the room". We tend to get so intimidated by others that we diminish our own capabilities just off of lack of confidence. How do...  more
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      Joseph Pinero Powerful Words! Grand Rising Brother!
  • Morning World, as we continue to push forward to change let’s not forget we need to pull together in order to make it happen. We can’t be fighting for equality for all, when half of us are still out here giving them reasons not to do so. We...  more
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      LeRazia Davis Loving that hat!
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      Keith Big-Sixx Mackell  Thank you
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      Kevin Speight I'm here brova
  • Morning World, here’s my wish for Father’s Day!! Can we get the killings and shootings to cease? I know that’s asking a lot but you gotta understand we’re already losing the war of not enough black men being present in the lives...  more
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