• Dr. Nikia Edwards
    Came through with the faith of the ancestors, the wisdom of the elders, the vigor of the youth, and the power of the village🖤

    MODEL: Nikia "Dr. Kiki" Edwards IG @as_isee_me
    ❤️FASHION SHOW: Urban Safari Hair & Fashion Show
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  • Quitta Unique
    My daughter came to me yesterday. And said, "Mommy, I need 40 thousand dollars". I chuckled and said, "Girl for what"? She handed me a HANDWRITTEN business proposal. I was shocked. I looked at it and immediately started brainstorming. I have a rough 5k...  more
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    • Quitta Unique
      Nilajah Alonzo Awesome!! What city are you in?? View 1 Reply
  • Seattle Naturals
    Celebrating the AFRO all week! July 4 - July 11 Seattle Naturals will be talking everything AFRO! How to care for, style, trim, wrap, detangle, moisturize, fluff, shape, accessorize, and LOVE your 'fro! Join me in celebrating the glory that is the...  more
  • Melanated People  Support
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      Alsusia Abioda Collins ThANKH you for this acknowledgement. Peace and prosperity to you and yours.
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      ONAWA Thank you ❤️☺️
      • May 10, 2020
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