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    A large percentage of our interactions with one another is superficial. In an effort to survive, we become someone else. We want others to know that we're different. At our jobs, we're nice,...  more
  • We woman hold such an sacred power between our thighs. It is important that you cleanse the Womb and Yoni from the energetic residue of all unqualified men, to create space for your KING to enter your portal. #Sacred #sexenergy #YoniFit4AGod...  more
  • Me and my Demons became best friends #ShadowWork #Balance #Happy
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    Omega Black commented on Tigress Bleu's photo.
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      Omega Black #Strength #Balance #Beauty
    • Omega Black
      Amina Morrison  Oh yeah, most definitely! I have a cousin who was a ballerina in her younger years. A few years back I worked with a Sister who was a ballet instructor and she still performed from time to time.
    • Omega Black
      Tigress Bleu Absolutely breathtaking
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  • Great morning Kings and Queens
    Sending Love, Peace, Balance and Light to everyone that needs it today 🖤💫
    #love #peace #balance #light #goldentriangle
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