• Kweku Sankofa
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  • Kweku Sankofa
    Reposted from @prosperousblacksociety @Goode_Foods is a black family owned company based out of Chicago. Since 2003, the Johnson family has dedicated their lives and careers to providing the highest quality beans and vegetables to our communities. All...  more
  • Rory Duncan
    Personally I would of expected that they would have found intelligent Black women like their mothers to marry, procreate with, and pass on their wealth to in the event they should pass before their spouses. But I'm different than most🤷🏿‍♂️

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  • Rory Duncan
    The DOJ under the Biden administration has refused to appeal a court order blocking reparations to Black farmers.
    This link goes to a petition to get them to release money to Black farmers.

    https://chng.it/LKMzyVLvv8 />
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  • Vernae Rhem
    A month doesn’t define our history.

    In our community we make history everyday by educating those around us with the financial literacy on how to change our children’s future for the better.

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    • Vernae Rhem
      Askari Jabari BlackOurstory 24/7-365
  • outted truth
    I’m no longer upset at major companies monetizing something about us. I’m perplexed that more of us aren’t capitalizing off our gifts, talents, and potential along with prioritizing ownership and group economics. What you...  more
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    • outted truth
      Alex  G Could have not said it any better! View 1 Reply
    • outted truth
      Alex  G I agree 100%on it from food to clothing and everything one needs to sustain ourselves and prosper
      • February 3, 2021
  • TriniCoCo SipsTea
    If you did not know ...now you know
    I Am KENYA(@kibblestreats) on TikTok: #berbermarv #tiktok #blacktiktok #blackcommunity #black #blackwealth #blackwealthmatters #blackandwhite #blackmoms #fyp #foryoupage #foryou
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    New Episode

    Turn your notifications on! A new Episode drops today! @rach_da_gem speaks with @ashleyscottkw & @front_page_nay of @freedomga2020 about their group investment and purchase of over 90 acres of land!!!⁣

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