• Rory Duncan
    Personally I would of expected that they would have found intelligent Black women like their mothers to marry, procreate with, and pass on their wealth to in the event they should pass before their spouses. But I'm different than most🤷🏿‍♂️

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  • Rory Duncan
    The DOJ under the Biden administration has refused to appeal a court order blocking reparations to Black farmers.
    This link goes to a petition to get them to release money to Black farmers.

    https://chng.it/LKMzyVLvv8 />
    If you are someone who cares about...  
  • Vernae Rhem
    A month doesn’t define our history.

    In our community we make history everyday by educating those around us with the financial literacy on how to change our children’s future for the better.

    We do our best to reach young adults at their level of...  more
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    • Vernae Rhem
      Askari Jabari BlackOurstory 24/7-365
  • CoCo SipsTea
    If you did not know ...now you know
    I Am KENYA(@kibblestreats) on TikTok: #berbermarv #tiktok #blacktiktok #blackcommunity #black #blackwealth #blackwealthmatters #blackandwhite #blackmoms #fyp #foryoupage #foryou
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