• puSHERO V sipping Fit, Fuel & Focus ☕️...
    Balancing goals with inner peace ☮️ is a challenging achievement. The ultimate objective in becoming in stabilization is proper alignment. Harmony is not anything YOU find, YOU must create it in...  more
  • Giving birth🤰🏽and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is bold and courageous. YOUr body literally becomes a miracle maker. We find out during birth, we have a secret sense that lets us know birth is not painful...  more
  • puSHERO V sipping Fit, Fuel & Focus ☕️...
    Dig the well before YOU are thirsty. Always drink from the well of YOUrself. It will quench YOUr thirst permanently. I mean, YOU’re connected and created from the main water source. Obeying YOUr thirst...  more
  • Testing 123...Thanks for the video Nelle
    This video will show you how to create a video channel and upload a video to the video channel
  • Melanated  Consciousness.com
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