• Palmetto  Star
    There is a term that the search browser #Google doesn't want you to Google. In fact when the term surfaced after a viral clip Google was quick to hide everything under that label and retorted to seekers on the web that “It looks like...  more
  • Dr Carlenia Jackie Jackson 
    Poor nutrition, stress, medication and chemicals can cause hair loss and your skin to appear unhealthy!

    We are led to believe that our hair will get thinner as we age and our skin will not look vibrant (as we become seniors). It haven’t been the case...  more
  • Dr Carlenia Jackie Jackson 
    Happy Sunday, y’all.

    It’s Day 14 of my 21 Day Detox Fast! I am including raw salads during my 8 hour eating time between 12 noon and 8pm. I’m still dry fasting for 16+ hours each day and making sure I get at least 8 Tablespoon of sea moss in!

    I...  more
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