• Iam MLUV
    Stuffed trumpet mushroom heads with (trumpet mushroom) bacon and sliced roma tomatoes topped with (dehydrated papaya seeds)ground pepper. I be cheffin #AlkalineLyfe #eattolive
  • King Toure'
    One week - clean eating of preferably organic fruits, veggies, fish, low salt, low sugar, water , no intoxins and one day meat & processed foods if craving.

    (Vegan is good but do...  more
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    • King Toure'
      Nia M Barrett Even better when you grow your own
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  • Dr Carlenia Jackie Jackson 
    Poor nutrition, stress, medication and chemicals can cause hair loss and your skin to appear unhealthy!

    We are led to believe that our hair will get thinner as we age and our skin will not look vibrant (as we become seniors). It haven’t been the case...  more
  • Dr Carlenia Jackie Jackson 
    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Beyond Vegan Cell Food! #thanksgiving #happythanksgivng #veganthanksgiving #vegan #plantbased #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #eattolive #eattolivenotlivetoeat #staywoke
  • Dr Carlenia Jackie Jackson 
    Happy Sunday, y’all.

    It’s Day 14 of my 21 Day Detox Fast! I am including raw salads during my 8 hour eating time between 12 noon and 8pm. I’m still dry fasting for 16+ hours each day and making sure I get at least 8 Tablespoon of sea moss in!

    I...  more
  • That Vegan Melanin
    Eating a combination of fruits and a balanced diet help you get all the vitamins necessary for optimal health. They go through the digestive system very differently from each other which also means that vitamin and mineral absorption in the small...  more
  • Plant Tee  Knowledge
    Our Mucus Buster cold pressed juice main purpose is to eliminate excess mucus and inflammation. Mucus and inflammation goes hand-in-hand. Usually when inflammation forms, mucus appears. When the body releases natural inflammatory mediators like...  more
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    • Plant Tee  Knowledge
  • Plant Tee  Knowledge
    A Juice cleanse is all about giving your digestive system a break. It can help reset your gut and when you consume only cold pressed, raw vegetables and fruits, you’re decreasing the amount of stress your gut experiences. Juicing gives your body time to...  more
  • SEA MOSS. Many are coming into the restaurant and requesting sea moss and wanting to know more about the benefits!

    We need to eat different for better health and wellness and one good way to get preventive properties in our system is to be better...  more
    • Dr Carlenia Jackie Jackson 
      Kush Ite 100...
      • August 17, 2020
  • Juneteenth Vegan Soul Food Weekend (Friday and Saturday) Specials at Beyond Vegan Cell Food! Come eat and celebrate Freedom with us this weekend.

    Thursday featured special is Vegan Chitlins (Oyster Mushrooms) Plate!

    Friday featured special is Fried...  more
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    • Dr Carlenia Jackie Jackson 
      Osubudo Akala Ipapo, CEO Please add this to the events, it's in your menu
      • June 18, 2020
    • Dr Carlenia Jackie Jackson 
      Dr Carlenia Jackie Jackson  Ok. Thanks. I am still learning 😳😳🤷‍♀️. Let me see can I figure it out.
      • June 18, 2020
  • Grouchy Ron
    We all can help OUR people in different ways. This is the way I choose to help and move our people forward. By helping our people take control of their health and heal their body, mind and spirit through proper nutrition. #nohormones #nosteroids...  more
  • tony starnes
    CARBON MONOXIDE is poison. It's odorless and colorless. It's what comes out of your car exhaust. If you inhale too many fumes, it can kill you... IMAGINE IF YOU INGEST IT!
    This frozen bag of tilapia, distributed by none other than...  more
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    • tony starnes
      The Eve Gene, She Reigns Supreme Tilapia is not good for you anyways. It's a farm raised fish. There are more toxins ,that they don't have on the label, in this fish. Wild caught is more beneficial.
    • tony starnes
      kinesha lucas Ithought they was fake and genetically engineered by two kinda of fish....it taste good but yes its bad and should didn't exist when I was growing up
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