• Jilly (just Jilly)
    Habari gani!

    Imani (faith)
    To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.

    Faith in our ability to build, grow, unite as one unit.

    Faith in our determination to...  more
  • Tashea  Nichols 
    Last day of Kwanzaa ❤️ #Faith
  • RT Credit Consulting LLC
  • Beverly Conally
  • willardth smith
    Hors d'oeuvres. Crackers, Cream Cheese, Salmon, and #SYMPeach sauce. SYMsauce.com #strawBQ #SYMsaucemeal #SYMsauce #makeyouwanttoSlapYoMommabutdont #makingpeoplesmileiswhatwedo #faith #family #food
  • Mz CoCo
    Shirts available for purchase
    1 for 25
    2 for 40
    Limited Supply of on hand
    But orders can be placed for these & the new merchandise I have put out !!!!!!!
    Thanks for supporting
    Please go to my Facebook page to order :...  more
  • Precious Carter
    Knowing that all things work out for your good, even when you don’t understand brings a certain level of peace. In fact, it’s indeed a peace that surpasses all human understanding. One thing about being a daughter of God is, knowing your future is...  more
  • Has this pandemic made you question your “Job” security? If so remember NOONE can take what you own! Start a business! text/call 404-216-3927 for more info! #faith #success #failureIsNotAnOption #Goals #Dontquit #determination...  more
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    • RT Credit Consulting LLC
      Rah-mah Mercy Our Stop Shop is compiling a nationwide Black Business directory. Please take the 2 minutes to add any company, organization, product or service that you own or offer to the free Black business directory we're compiling. This is a collaborative...  more
      • September 6, 2020
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