• Michael  Flowers
    Day 4: A Puppet's Plight

    Let me start by saying I absolutely love this poem and it was also a fan favorite for many.

    This poem was layered with multiple themes such as control, oppression, belief, perspective, pupose, free will...and many more...but at...  more
  • Michael  Flowers
    Day 3: Temptation

    This poem is self explanatory in the way that it simply deals with the theme of temptation.

    However, this experience with temptation was a peculiar case of me thinking I had conquered the idea of temptation only to see myself struggle...  more
  • Michael  Flowers
    Day 2: Slow and Steady

    This poem revolves around the expression of life tempo. I try my hardest to express the pace in which I have progressed through life, which for the most part has been "slow and steady". Usually, such cautious movement is...  more
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