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  • Melanated People  Support
  • Melanated People  Support
  • Keenan Washington
    Social Media Blitz

    If you still have your Facebook, we need you to log in right now and make a public post telling our people to download and signup to Melanated People Social.

    Make sure you add the hashtag #melanatedpeoplesocial
    • Keenan Washington
      nikki pablo Those fuckers dont wanna give up their white space smh! They love dem crackers
      • October 20, 2020
  • Melanated People  Support

    Today we ask you go to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and Please share the following!

    We pray for the full recovery #JacobBlake and that he receives full justice for the attempted murder of his life. The Kenosha Wisconsin police attempted to take
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  • Hey y'all we need your help. Can everyone please go to our other handles and tag a melanated influencer, celebrity, friends, family and business owners to any MP post with the hashtag #melanatedpeoplesocial
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