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    Impact Africa Direct
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    Latoya(@omglatoya) on TikTok: #duet with @jwilliamj #Blackexcellence #melanin #blacklivesmatter #rasism #Blackculture #history #blackandeducated  proud
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      Osubudo Akala Ipapo, CEO Hahaha ....only you ......
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    In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

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    on all platforms Link in Bio...  more
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    I AM the result of the ecstacy between the Earth and the Sun. #earthsextacy
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    Once this app start working properly I can use it it’s too slow nothing wont load but s/o all my #melanin People #Balangtane #DJWildChild
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    Lil sis #Melanin
  • Myisha Blake
    “BAEcation” is a brisk scent of sea spray, calamondin, sea salt, water lily, sandalwood and musk. This soap will sweep you away on a mini vacay in your shower. This is a great scent for you and your partner to share. Available...  more
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      Myisha Blake My sister Mia’s soap and body care shop: Sofiyahllc.com
      • June 29, 2020
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    Just blessing you guys with a little Melanin power this morning
    #melaninbeauty #melanin #blackpower #gorjessjai #goalgether
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      Johnathan  Hawkins  Beautiful
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    Laughs & good times with my fav people❗🤞🏾💕 #Blackfamily #Melanin #Diversity #STL
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    #Melanin 🤞🏾🌱🦋

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  • Geez Louise
    We will emerge from darkness
    As we have for generations.
    Living out my ancestors dreams
    Exceeding their every expectation.
    Demanding justice for our children
    Crying out " Please, I CAN'T BREATHE."
    We will not accept a not guilty verdict
    Nor...  more
  • Geez Louise
    WE are the power.
    The power that be.
    The power that is.
    The power that was.
    The power that will come
    Lies within you and me.
    Dig it out.
    Call it forth.
    Open your eyes.
    Awaken your soul
    There's work to be done.
    Sign the petition for recognizing...  more