• Tomorrow is #September11th. #NeverForget imperial powers tried to usurp this day and make it about terrorism. 9/11 is a very significant day. It is an astrological #newyear and it represents a cosmic shift, going from one world into the next. This is why...  more
  • Star Oromia

    My post about her the other day was NOT about standing in solidarity with her

    I was pointing out the hypocrisy of the matter as I always do and I was giggling at how fast the yts she worships turned on her

    I dont stand with 🦝's, period
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    • Star Oromia
      Marti Mar I remember this!🙄🤦🏾‍♀️
    • Star Oromia
      createss kai I forgot about this. She did made a mockery out of us smh.. she’s definitely a coon. She doesn’t even like herself.
    • Star Oromia
      Kordea Walker Whoopi Goldberg is a Coon, has always been a Coon. That's never ever going to change who she is. Whoopi Goldberg called it right, the Jewish community is not a race of people; has never been. The Jewish community has called Black people the most...  more
  • Star Oromia
    Slave neck collar
    The only things yt people actually invented on their own were devices to torture us with

    If an enslaved person ran away before and there were concerns they might do it again, they would be fitted with a "slave neck...  more
  • Star Oromia
    Mary Turner
    In 1918 a yt terrorist plantation owner named Hampton Smith was murdered

    He had a reputation of being a cruel and abusive boss so Black people didn't want to work for him. So he used "convict labour". I've posted about this practice...  more
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    • Star Oromia
      Phillip Robinson-Muhammad Wow I did not know this. Keep teaching and sharing we need to keep our people's history alive. Very glad you named the culprit. Many time the names of the perpetrators go in mentioned.
      One thing I wish we could do is use the facial recognition tech that...  more
  • Star Oromia
    Slave Branding
    A symbol or pattern burned into an enslaved persons skin with the intention of leaving a permanent scar

    The scar is left on the skin using either a very hot or cold branding iron

    During slavery this was used as a way to punish slaves...  more
  • Star Oromia
    The Pear of Anguish aka Choke Pear
    A torture device created by Europeans and used on enslaved Africans in the 1800's

    It had a pear shaped metal body that divided onto spoon like segments when turned by a key located at the top

    The purpose of...  more
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    • Star Oromia
      Tee Thomas They still to this day torment the children of the sun. What was this for to look inside women vaginas??
      • Feb 3
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  • Star Oromia
    The story behind this painting is the enslaved African was in Barbados

    He had become ill and wasn't well enough to work

    This angered the slave master and he threw the African man into a vat of boiling sugar

    He pinned him down with a stick so he...  more
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    • Star Oromia
      charles4264BenYahYisrael You see why I don't give THEM krakkas no respect. Because THEY don't deserve any, fucking devils and demons, they're not damn human. View 1 Reply
    • Star Oromia
      SON'S OF DESSALINES Yeap that was a routine done to AFRICAN IN HAITI
  • Star Oromia

    When yt women lie, black men die

    Yt female tears have been the cause of many Black men being falsely imprisoned or murdered FOR YEARS!
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    • Star Oromia
      Jay Pry Facts
    • Star Oromia
      Mister Mayela Thank you Ann
      Thank you Becky
      Thank you Karen
      And mostly
      Thank you,, you lying a## B*tch
      For showing Us your true treachery.
    • Star Oromia
      Kimberly Dooley Yet many still love they ass!! And continue to put themselves in white spaces to get with them.. Its pure ignorance at this point....
  • Star Oromia

    Kyle Rittenhouse was photographed throwing the yt supremacist/terrorist hand signal while at a bar with his mom after he came out of jail

    What started off as a dumb internet hoax became an actual symbol of yt supremacist hate groups...  more
  • Izzy H
    The living descendants of those killed in the St. Bernard Parish Massacre will #neverforget & neither will we. Condi done bumped her head hella hard talking crazy like that on The View (blackfacts.com today’s date in 1868)
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    • Izzy H
      Kordea Walker Condi Rice, is selling B.S as usual. She is still the same Coon as she's always been.
      • October 26, 2021
  • TriniCoCo SipsTea
    The Devil's Tree
    Aishah(@aintiamess) on TikTok: #racism #blacktiktok #blm #policebrutality #massincarceration #slavery #fyp #neverforget #mlk #malcolmx #blackhistory #vet
  • Dee R
  • Dee R
    “Say Their Names” Memorial in Dallas’ Klyde Warren Park until September 17, 2020.


    “Say Their Names” Memorial in Dallas’ Klyde Warren Park until September 17, 2020. Heartbreaking!
  • Rory Duncan
  • Serina Good
    #NeverForget 🤣😂
  • Ashli Quomony
  • Big Homie
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