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    Can you see what's happening? Nazis, skin heads, and pink power terrorists are masquerading as #blacklivesmatter activists to commit violence and anarchy in big cities. Meanwhile, #MAGA hat wearing #racists are shooting at these other racists to...  more
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    #2NITE Whatever you put your undying focus on magnifies and makes it grow. What if your focus is on a lie? Due to your focus will that lie now explode into impressionable minds? Will this lie sprout wings and fly so high that now you can not determine...  more
  • reginald dorval
    Put them it jail
    Blonde Doctor(@blondedoctor) on TikTok: #racists #bloominton #blm #fbi
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    #2NITE Coronavirus has everybody showing their true colors (or lack thereof). Ever since the pandemic started the media has been trying to put a Black face on this ailment. You had Black celebrities and athletes that supposedly caught it while there were...  more
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      Kush Ite ASÉ!!!
      • April 16, 2020
  • wanda x
    On Feb. 22. 1898, Postmaster Frazier B. Baker was murdered simply because of the color of his skin. He was the first Black person appointed to serve as postmaster at the Lake City Post Office in 1897 and for this he was killed. He would not give up his...  more
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    Hurricane Harvey set record numbers in devastation, water accumulation, and death in Houston, Texas. Hundreds of thousands were forced out of their homes and fought for thier lives as rainwater breeched levies, flooded highways, and turned neighborhoods...  more
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