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      Askari Jabari Good list of care products. May I humbly suggest you include Ra (Sun Rays) to the list on your next post.
      One Love
      • March 23, 2021
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    It works...
    Rasheeta Joy(@rasheetajoy) on TikTok: Iron deficiency or anemia #alkaline #WellDone #ShowUpShowOff #seamoss
  • Dr Carlenia Jackie Jackson 
    Happy Sunday, y’all.

    It’s Day 14 of my 21 Day Detox Fast! I am including raw salads during my 8 hour eating time between 12 noon and 8pm. I’m still dry fasting for 16+ hours each day and making sure I get at least 8 Tablespoon of sea moss in!

    I...  more
  • Tammy Brown
  • SEA MOSS. Many are coming into the restaurant and requesting sea moss and wanting to know more about the benefits!

    We need to eat different for better health and wellness and one good way to get preventive properties in our system is to be better...  more
    • Dr Carlenia Jackie Jackson 
      Kush Ite 100...
      • August 17, 2020
  • candice thomas
    Weightloss journey! #seamoss proactive care!
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