• Beverly Conally
    #My #skin #is #beautiful. “♥️
  • Al Grant
    #dcag #blackbusinessowner support please!!! Posted • @polaris.products introducing my LAVENDER shea body butter✨🌱💜
    made with pure shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils!!❤️
    All natural & Vegan🌿🌿
    This will also be include with an...  more
  • Aesthetically Ashanti
    This facial mimics a 30% glycolic peel, except no redness or irritation. This masque provides instant radiance and exfoliation benefits along with reducing fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, evens the skin tone and refines pores. This skin does NOT shed...  more
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  • Ayana  Nadira
    We are all washing our hand more frequently due to Covid-19. Our hand are becoming more dry from the hard water and they are being stripped of moisture and conditioning. Well no need to fret I have what you need. Our 100% natural Shea body butter u...  more
  • Vernisia  Vernisia 
    puSHERO V sipping Fit, Fuel & Focus ☕️....Break an arm, cast goes on while healing. Skin a knee, clean it up and put a bandage 🩹 on it. Cry tears, tissue is used to wipe YOUr face. Every part of the body gets support and sympathy when ill 🤧...  more
  • Henreatta Cohn
    Henreatta Cohn opened a Store:
  • Portia Grant
    Forever Aloe Vera Is An Ideal Companion For #Skin That Needs A Little #Care!🤗 To LEARN MORE Go To:
    www.portiagrant.myforever.biz /> #ForeverAloeVera
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    • Portia Grant
      Melanated People Support Peace sister please post this and all other ads for your business on your fan page from now on. You can also purchase an ad package or open  store.
      • December 18, 2017
    • Portia Grant
      Portia Grant Ok!
      • December 18, 2017
  • Portia Grant
    For A YOUTHFUL SKIN! ....#Aloe #Nourishing #Serum With White Tea Extract #Firms And #Lifts Your #Skin, Replenished Skin's Moisture, Diminishes #Lines And #Wrinkles, Preserve A #Youthful #Complexion... Your Wish Is My...  more
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