• Saquan Bostick
    Ain't this something?? 🤦🏿‍♂️
    *Now Listen, don't be easily fooled by the claims that the Blk History and Knowledge info you see on Social Media is false information.
    (Whether they be memes or not!)
    We all know they don't teach Us this hidden...  more
  • Asaru Amun-Re
    Don’t let the beast way of life sway you from your ancestors superior way of life. #StayWoke
    S P I R I T U A L I T Y
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      fredrick kendrick Knowledge.
      • Sep 12
  • Asaru Amun-Re
    Selma Burke Never Received Credit For Her Portrait Of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Which Was Later Featured On The US Dime. #StayWoke
  • Velaphi Martin
    Eye was raised to speak up and speak truth. So when Eye know what Eye know, Eye speak it like Eye know.....A true seeker of knowledge follows truth, not people. Lemme say that again... YOU SHOULD BE FOLLOWING TRUTH NOT
    ...  more
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    • Velaphi Martin
      kiki SANDERS Ase'❤️🖤💚👊🏾
    • Velaphi Martin
      Joseph Pinero Everybody ain't ready but they get it regardless
  • Raymonda  Rice
  • Asaru Amun-Re
  • Ernest Sandefer
    The Two-Party system cares nothing about black folks.

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    • Ernest Sandefer
      Patricia Anderson I totally agree with this
      • Sep 5
  • Asaru Amun-Re
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    • Asaru Amun-Re
      Kevin Moss People don't even realize the N.E.W.S is mostly scripted and made up anyways because the credits at every broadcast are the size of crackwr crumbs. READ my people REEEEEAAAAD
  • That Vegan Melanin
    My daughter will be African and I will teach her about African culture. She will learn how to grow food and not lawns, she will appreciate fresh fruits every morning. She will be blessed with looks like an African goddess. Her perfection will symbolise...  more
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    • That Vegan Melanin
      Yemaya Oshun ASE❤🖤💚✊🏿
    • That Vegan Melanin
      septima clark Kings Raising Queens♥️🖤
  • Alysha Love

    Seriously 🙄
    First of all, what happened to the kid is sad... no matter what ethnicity!!! But He and his family got justice... YAY the system worked for them.

    Second of all for the kid who was taught hate...
    let's move on to...  more
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    • Alysha Love
      Maurice  Phelps  That’s good knowledge right there. Thanks I may have to read this again later.
    • Alysha Love
    • Alysha Love
      Maurice  Phelps  And people try to ignore these brutal facts still to this day. I am finally awoke. View 1 Reply
  • Blak  King
    You can tell a LOT about a man/woman based on the things they focus their energy on the most (ie gossip, bullshit, etc..). And some of those people are sent as a distraction to derail you from your path to greatness...If the people you surround yourself...  more
  • Parker Lewis
    When you know better, you do better. #StayWoke
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    • Parker Lewis
      Parker Lewis I actually yanked this from a Facebook group I’m in but 🤷🏽‍♂️
      • Aug 22
  • Heavy Bread
  • Lola woods
    If he was black!! He wouldn’t have gotten released! Well he looks like a upstanding trump man! It’s not like the cops will pull over his car! His Neibor’s in his good neighborhood wont call cops on him. Serial racist and killers go back...  more
    mrsdobbs2u(@mrsdobbs2you) on TikTok: #duet with @maintnight this makes me sick! #sextraffiking #humantrafficking #savethechildren #blm #staywoke
  • Lola woods
    satan is on his last wicket century! his klan will die with him!
    KING EJAY(@kingejay13) on TikTok: #blacklivesmatter #fyp #tiktokvideo #blm #foryoupage #staywoke #Juneteenth
  • SM Smbahons
    Whatever you do, don't venture into Racccon City, I've heard many a tall tale of betrayal...

    Numerous skin folk, yet lacking in kinfolk ...

    #StayWoke 🥴🧠☺🤷🏾‍♀️😂🖤🌎🥂🍿
  • Rosa  Dixon
    LynuCxrysis(@lynucxrysis) on TikTok: #TextReaction #staywoke #fyp #staywoke #staysafe #portland #oregon #bantrump #SummerVibes #badbusiness #rental #car