• Kymberli Amirah
    You set your own intentions

    Works in progress under way, orders getting completed! Happy Hump Day!
    Please DM for orders or visit Etsy.com/shop/SmartCurlArt for more!

    Custom orders available, let's chat!

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  • Kymberli Amirah
    You set your own intentions

    Featured: Labradorite Crystal, Pyrite Crystal, Czech Glass and Glass Beads with Charm

    Please DM for orders or visit Etsy shop at Etsy.com/shop/SmartCurlArt link in bio 🏼
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  • LaQuanza Raymond
    My flex today is my 🍑⁣⁣
    Ok, so fun fact, I've never really liked my butt.🙄 Well, I didn't like the shape (the size is just fine ) and having 2 kids DID NOT help!🙃 Whole body be outta wack! 🥴 But baaaabbaaayyyyy, momma been...  more
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    • LaQuanza Raymond
      BatTzion Kingsland Gone head sis with your fine ass. Both of y'all. Oww💅🏾 🥵
      • September 27, 2020
    • LaQuanza Raymond
      El Mayor Pinero Get it!!!
      • September 27, 2020
    • LaQuanza Raymond
      fredrick kendrick Yes. This Queen is on point. 4 sure.
      • September 28, 2020
  • Alicia MccWills
    Alright getting back to it!! Two of these pills a day, melt away fat, boost metabolism, and contains clinically proven ingredients!! Who wouldn't want to give these a try!?

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  • Tamika  Ricks
    If you continue to #eat unhealthy you start to look that way on the outside and futermore imagine whats happening on the inside. 😲😱
    Make the #choice to #eattolivenottodie 🤦🏾‍♀️I was killing myself with #food YOU ARE...  more
  • Weight Loss Goals!

    I made me these beautiful DEEP BLUE OCEAN WAIST BEADS 📿

    My Goal is to lose 10 more inches before I put these waist beads on

    My motivation is my Waist Beads 💪🏾

  • Shrissy Brown 
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