• Melanated People Needs Your Help
    Posted by Osubudo Akala Ipapo, CEO December 13, 2020

    To you, our special followers, it might be awkward, but please don't scroll past this. We humbly ask you to defend Melanated People Social Network existence and independence. We are grateful for the 2% of our members that do give, however, this platform exist to support the WHOLE community including those that are unable to give. We take this moment to consciously request that those that are following and can contribute help us to keep Melanated People Social Network thriving. If you are an exceptional member who has already donated or hold a subscription with us, we sincerely thank you. 


    If you are still reading this and can donate to give this platform some space to continue growth and meet the needs of our community it would graciously appreciated. Most people donate because of what Melanated People Inc., represents: community and group-economics. If Melanated People has given you any worth of knowledge, community, or inspiration this year, please take a minute to give back. Show the volunteers who work tirelessly to provide support to our ever evolving Black community platform that you support the culture that their work matters. 

    Thank you.$MelanatedPeople8616 

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