Top Affordable 89-Rated Players for FC 24 Ultimate Team SBCs

This article discusses the significance of budget-friendly 89-rated players in FC 24's Ultimate Team. It highlights the importance of such players during the Team of the Season events, provides a list of the cheapest 89-rated players, discusses market trends, and emphasizes the strat


Understanding who the most affordable 89-rated players are in FC 24's Ultimate Team is a piece of knowledge that may appear trivial at first glance. However, it proves to be quite valuable when you're engaged in assembling squads for the more demanding SBCs (Squad Building Challenges).

As the Team of the Season (TOTS) events unfold, there's a surge in the number of SBCs available for players to complete. These challenges can be quite costly, so for those who aim to economize their in-game currency, paying attention to budget-friendly high-rated players is a smart move. Keep reading for insights on how to make the most of your resources!

Importance of Budget-Friendly 89-Rated Players

The TOTS event in Ultimate Team is a major and extended promotion that can quickly deplete your reserves of UT Coins and FC Points. This drain on resources is often exacerbated by players who spend excessively on specific cards without need.

List of Cheapest 89-Rated Players

Bearing budget considerations in mind, we've compiled a selection of eleven cost-effective 89-rated players currently accessible in the online gaming mode. This lineup is tailored to simplify and reduce the expense of daily Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) for players!

Market Trends and Price Drops

The value of 89-rated player cards in FC 24 has seen a reduction, albeit a modest one, with an average decrease of about 2,000 coins. This dip in price isn't as pronounced as the decline observed in the 87-rated and 88-rated player categories.

Given the prevalent need for at least one 89-rated squad in many Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), coupled with the requirement for a 90-rated squad, it's clear why the 89-rated players haven't experienced as significant a price drop as their lower-rated counterparts.

Current Costs for an 89-Rated Squad

Constructing an 89-rated team in FC 24 has become more affordable, now requiring a minimum investment of 120,000 coins . This marks a considerable decrease from the previous cost of 230,000 coins required just a month earlier. Despite the reduction, the expense remains substantial, emphasizing the importance of selecting your squad members with prudence.

Strategic Advantages of Cheaper Players

If you're on a tight budget or strategizing to complete Squad Building Challenges efficiently, the provided list serves as a safeguard against the pitfalls of inflated prices on the Ultimate Team marketplace.

Closing Remarks

When constructing your budget-friendly 89-rated team, what's the least expensive lineup you've managed to put together? Share your cost-effective strategies with us in the comments section!

(Please remember that the card prices are sourced from FUTBIN.)

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