Unlock TOTS Pedro Goncalves: Ultimate Team Objective Guide

The FC 24 TOTS Pedro Goncalves Objective allows players to earn Pedro Goncalves' TOTS card and packs. The guide outlines tasks including scoring goals and providing assists with specific criteria. After completing the challenges, players can add the 91-rated TOTS Pedro Goncalves card



Ultimate Team enthusiasts now have the opportunity to acquire the impressive TOTS card of Pedro Goncalves, as well as numerous packs, with the introduction of the FC 24 TOTS Pedro Goncalves Objective.

This step-by-step guide aims to help you efficiently complete the TOTS Pedro Goncalves Objective, allowing you to add the exceptional Sporting Portugal winger's card to your collection swiftly.

EA Sports has recently unveiled the FC 24 TOTS Pedro Goncalves Objective, rewarding the talented winger from Sporting Portugal with a coveted TOTS card that players can now strive to unlock.

Card Overview

Pedro Goncalves' TOTS card boasts impressive stats including a dazzling 92 in dribbling, a sharpshooting 91 in shooting, a rapid 90 in pace, and a precise 90 in passing. Additionally, Goncalves comes equipped with specialized PlayStyles like Finesse Shot+, Incisive Pass+, and Trickster+, enhancing his gameplay on the virtual pitch.

Challenge Breakdown


To unlock the FC 24 TOTS Pedro Goncalves card, players must complete a series of tasks, each with its own set of criteria and rewards. Here's a breakdown of what you need to do:

  • Task 1: Net a total of 5 goals with any player possessing at least 80 Dribbling in Squad Battles at Semi-Pro difficulty or higher, or in Rivals/Champions matches. Reward: Two Rare Gold Players rated 80 or higher.

  • Task 2: Provide assists for 5 goals in Squad Battles at Semi-Pro difficulty or above, or during Rivals/Champions gameplay. Reward: Two Rare Gold Players rated 81 or above.

  • Task 3: Score a goal and deliver an assist with a Portuguese player in two different Squad Battles contests on Semi-Pro difficulty or tougher, or in Rivals/Champions. Reward: Two Rare Gold Players rated 81 or above.


To unlock the 75+ x5 Rare Gold Players Pack featuring FC 24 TOTS Pedro Goncalves, players must achieve victory in 5 Squad Battles at a minimum difficulty of Semi-Pro or engage in Rivals/Champions matches. It is essential to ensure that at least 2 Portuguese players are included in the starting lineup for these matches.


Upon successfully finishing the quartet of challenges set before you, the reward is twofold: you'll secure the impressive 91-rated TOTS Pedro Goncalves card for your Ultimate Team collection, along with a variety of packs to enhance your squad.

Are you planning to tackle the latest Team of the Season Objective and add Pedro Goncalves to your lineup? Share your thoughts and intentions in the comments section!

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