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  • Deborah  Aymes-Wilson
    Deborah Aymes-Wilson   ·  Tue at 4:04 AM
    I’m new to the site so am learning how to navigate it. I’m really glad of this initiative though given that every other comparable social media platform such as FB and Instagram are outside of our community control or monitoring. I’m primarily here...  more
  • Makeba  Slowe
    Makeba  Slowe   ·  Apr 24
    Not user friendly for posting and other basic features.
    I keep getting people trying to sell their products, posting your advertisement is one thing, but don’t try to friend me to sell to me, or approach like it’s a dating site . No way of...  more
  • Cassandra Jackson
    Cassandra Jackson   ·  Mar 31
    To Whom It May Concern: My app keeps kicking me out. In other words it is not allowing me to stay logged in. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall this did not fix the issue. So now I am having to use the search engine to get to my account. Please...  more
  • Opal Shenae'
    Opal Shenae'   ·  Jan 29
    I'm unable to click on any tabs from the menu within the app.
  • Prentice Perry
    Prentice Perry   ·  Jan 20
    I am clicking on a "notification" from a friends comment on my post and I am directed to my Wall that loads 1/3 of the way and hangs.
  • Garlene  Coleman
    Garlene Coleman   ·  December 27, 2020
    It’s a lil slow but that’s about it
  • King Titus
    King Titus   ·  December 17, 2020
    I'm unsure if I'm being kicked intentionally from the CEO's live feed or if this is a software issue. If it is intentional let me know directly, I can help by not wasting either of our valuable time.
  • LeopardLvr74   
    LeopardLvr74      ·  December 8, 2020
    Why does it take so long to load?
  • Earl Kyler
    Earl Kyler   ·  December 5, 2020
    Where is the how to. on the website for PC users?

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