Girls Trip Ghana 7 July 2023
Girls Trip Ghana 7 July 2023 Jul 12

Girls Trip Ghana 7 July 2023

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Spend 6 days and 5 nights in Ghana West Africa The Gateway to Africa and the most popular travel destinations among the Diaspora/Our People.

? Black History Tour beginning in the Capital of Accra.
➡️ Elmina Enslaved Dungeons
❤️ Nightlife
❤️ Escorted Motorbiking through City
❤️ Bring those beautiful flowing dresses for a group photo
❤️ Professional Photographer for duration of tour
❤️ Massages at the waterfalls
❤️ 3 star accommodations
(That’s the highest given in Ghana)
❤️ Safari
❤️ 3 minute dating event ?
❤️ Naming Ceremony Celebration
❤️ Come a day early and book an appointment at the salon for braiding $50 or less at top salons ?

There is more! The presentation is almost done so I will update in a group.


07/12/23 - 09:00 Start date
07/18/23 - 12:00 End date
Ghana West Africa
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