MP2.0 Testing, tweaking, troubleshooting and tasks.

Testing MP2.0 on IOS and pc <br>Reporting bugs and adding personal site favorites and suggestions.

First things first...

My first task was a fail. I had to login with credentials known to 1.0 and if that didn't work. I should have made a new account, but I didn't. I just registered a new account right away, but used the exact same email and password and ended up with a brand new account anyway.

After updating my profile, messing around with the site and eventually attended my first zoom meeting, where I could clearly hear NOT TO UPLOAD ANY MONEY,.... I still just uploaded some money. I just didn't want to bother any admin, the money goes to MP anyway and I don't know if it's been tested, but a succes for uploading money to my wallet. I can fully test now.

What really doesn't work for me:

The mic! Not on a new post, not on in the comments. Wether I tap it or press it for a while, it doesn't work. I only tried on iphone on safari, chrome and firefox and all browsers have permission to use the cam and mic.

The Live! (I know,... it's not activated yet, just wanted to mention it again smile)

Location! Not on pc and on iphone when I make a post, but it did work when I made an event.

Stories! Don't play automaticly. I have to close and go to the next story manualy.


In the last zoom meeting, we were asked to respond to a video in the Movies section (V), make a page (V), boost a post (V), post a lot around 8pm EST (X)(that's 2 at night where I am) and use the site as much as possible.

I think that I've tried to do almost everything on 2.0; from creating an album, saving posts, poking, creating a group, adding a product, buying a product ( Don't buy O's "la la", it's a scam smile), creating an event, creating a job and applying to one, made an offer and now this blog.

  • adding products - No variable like size or color available.
  • offers - No redirect at all, just a post basicly.
  • just little issues like this one: "click here" or when you click on hashtag #testing

Except for doing what the fuck we should be doing and has been asked from us just recently again, I am good with me following 41 people and having just 25 following back. And that dummy page.... lol

The Dummy account

Maaaan, somebody said dummy account and I heard troll account. And wow, you can block a troll, but he will see your stories, groups, pages including jobs and offers, and events and if one of those got a message option, he can even message you. 

It was also very easy to make a dummy account. No verification email needed, cause i don't own "" , so if the person who does, receives an email, he can visit the site and use the "forgot my password". This is also a pain in the ass for if you accidently have a typo in your email during registration.

The End

I wanted to have a section called "conclusion' and sum up the + and - , but I had enough. I don't even blog, this is just a test wink



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jonquincy73 2 yrs

Very similar to my experiences.

The Eve Gene, She Reigns Supreme 2 yrs

Great rundown, I also enjoyed reading this.

Jasmine 2 yrs

I thoroughly enjoyed reading that LOL. Great review