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     PROTECT YOUR GODS   SOME OF OUR BROTHERS DON'T HAVE A CLUE AS WHATS EXPECTED OF YOU NOR WHAT TO DO SO ..... LET ME SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU ......   The black woman needs protection but not from hersel Read More...

  • HELL

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      I HATE WHITE INJUSTICE AKA RACISM & AFROPEAN NEO COLONIAL FILTHY INJUSTICE  . Talking bout hell.......get real....   Hell is checking your mailbox in fear (debt) ~   Hell is working check to Read More...

  • Creating Impact

    Posted Thu at 3:31 AM by El Jay Jay

    What does it take to impact another human being? In my view it is not about how cool, smart or articulate you are. It is about how deeply you care and how much understanding you have of how things really work and yo Read More...

  • The Power in Calmness

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    I attended a world Congress in Copenhagen Denmark. I think it was around 2009, with almost 900 participants from every continent. The Congress was titled Social Educators In A Globalized World. I was living and stud Read More...

  • Ghana President Says Goodbye to Needing the West After Launch o

    Posted Jan 7 by Tabitha Stone

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  • White Women And Slavery

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      The problem with us as a people is that we can’t get along.   I’m not scared of crackers.  I know what they give.   It’s my own people that fill me with in-trepidation. Read More...

  • Manhood

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    Brothers, we keep rooting our identities into matters we have no control over.   It's insane to root our manhood in anything that other men can grant or deny us; a job, income, education, etc.  I was having Read More...

  • Words Of Truth

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    Words Of Truth He who controls your brain will do all your thinking for you, it is he who is in control of your destiny not you: do you know every single religion follows a patriarchal stance.   The man (al Read More...

  • From Pharaoh to Negro by Dr. Walter Williams

    Posted December 30, 2020 by tarhaka bey

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    “From Pharaoh To Negro” by Walter Williams Each year the month of February is set aside to highlight the people of African origin, their events, and the history that was made during their stay in this countr Read More...

  • From Pharaoh to Negro

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