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    There are words that are used to describe our Divinities but which do not properly fit in the actual form of the Divinities as they exist in Afrika. One such word is 'Androgynous'. These are foreign words and we should b Read More...

  • Honoring My Ancestors

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    This is a ritual that I did and recorded some years ago during my Lukumi days. Fact is at that time, I had never done it before and having done it, I believed it marked the attainment of yet another milestone on my journ Read More...

  • Decolonize Your Mind

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    Colonisation has had a very debilitating effect on us as a people and every now and then we come face-to-face with it, sometime in persons from whom it is least expected. In all honesty the effects of colonisation has be Read More...

  • Differences Between Afrikan Spiritual Traditions

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    So there are a lot of vodun practitioners in Haiti. So what? Vodun is yet another Spiritual System with its centre very firmly located in West Afrika. More specifically Togo and Benin. So what does West Afrika have to do Read More...

  • This Is Me

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    Q: Do you hate white people? . A: Absolutely NOT. I do NOT hate white people. Incidentally there are black people of whom I am not very fond. Whether or not I ‘like’ someone does NOT depend on their r Read More...

  • The Jamaican Bulla Dilemma

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    There is a type of pastry in the Jamaican space, and since I am unable to speak to the word origin and etymology of the name I will simply say that it is called a bulla. Come to think of it, this could make a very intere Read More...

  • Jamaican Bush Medicine

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    I have often written about 'Bush Medicine', and it seems there are persons who associate usage of the term with so-called 'pagan rituals'. However, there is nothing necessarily spiritual or ritualistic about 'bush medici Read More...

  • "Lockdown NYC "

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    A disturbing but impressive video of a drone flight through the deserted skylines of Manhattan that looks like the first two minutes of a German copy of The Walking Dead or 28 Days Later (even if it was filmed Sunday m Read More...

  • Part II - Your New Personal 911 (IX XI) is COVID19 (XIX) in the

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    COVID-19: BORN IN NORTH CAROLINA, SOLD TO WUHAN LAB, OPTIMIZED FOR PANDEMIC SPREAD   Emerging evidence strongly suggests a research collaboration between a North Carolina scientist and two Wuhan, Chinese microbiol Read More...

  • Part I - Your New Personal 911 (IX XI) is COVID19 (XIX) in the

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    There can be no doubt that the present day and conditions are a page out of the 1917 Bolshevik & 1933 Third Reich handbooks.   This Is Your New Up-Close and Personal 911. Please notice that much of the Numerology Read More...