• Speak up!

    Posted July 27, 2019 by MindNutrient247

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    Silence is consentDo not confuse it for absentYou said you are not with themHow come you are wearing their emblemYou claim to be neutralBut you keep reciting their mantraThis is not the time to be passiveAnd not when you Read More...

  • Money

    Posted July 25, 2019 by MindNutrient247

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    M O N E Y ! Today's cream of success Without it You are in your own Private recess Don't get it twisted am not about to Praise it presence Wait a minute What do you know About it essence Ey3/I bet that You only know ab Read More...


    Posted July 23, 2019 by MindNutrient247

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    First, there is no such thing as someone who doesn't believe in anything: even as new awareness and realization of higher consciousness of understaning/overstanding called GNOSIS, which is higher than believe is already Read More...

  • MindEy3

    Posted July 22, 2019 by MindNutrient247


    Open your mind and seeYour eyes are just to readDon't let your life be siegeTrying to fit into deceitThe world we live is wringBy those we cannot seeThey decide what we thinkThrough how they pull their stringsDaily we ri Read More...

  • Manifesto

    Posted July 21, 2019 by MindNutrient247


    Peace Family of the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.My names are Efuaikhiye El'Yahbhi Yah'Ra'Yahinnergy.With the Earthly government name: Ibhaluobe Aliyu Goodness.Ey3/I was born and raised in the South Sout Read More...

  • The Power Of Thought

    Posted July 2, 2019 by MindNutrient247

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    We must be proud of who we are and what we have as a people. As this is the time to accept the facts about about our extraterrestrial and superhuman abilities laced in our genetics, and consciously own and master them. F Read More...

  • Sun Flight

    Posted July 1, 2019 by MindNutrient247


    When Ey3/I was deadTo my metaphysical selfEy3/I thought myself Alive in this worldThen Ey3/I was loved by many And also accepted by moreBut now AM resurrectedAnd alife in the ASTRAOnly to realize thatEy3/I AM d Read More...

  • You Are Not The Body

    Posted June 26, 2019 by MindNutrient247

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    The truth is a journey no one can make you experience but yourself. There is no rules or code of conduct in meeting with the truth other than keeping an open mind. The reason the truth is not trending is because it's sta Read More...

  • What Is God?

    Posted June 25, 2019 by MindNutrient247

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    Whenever or wherever supreme intelligence is present, other intelligences become obsolete. The global world system was built on Hegelian dialectics - thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis, and the true intention behind the i Read More...

  • Religion Is Not True Spirituality

    Posted June 24, 2019 by MindNutrient247

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    This is the major corruption of religion that it teaches you to believe and obey that that deliberately robbs you of the conscious realization, to know that you are the very aura, essence and pressence of the Godforce/En Read More...